8 Ways to Help Pets

There is nothing more rewarding than helping out pets in need. The best part is the wagging tails and purrs. Volunteering to help out a cause not only strengthens the community, but also provides great sense of satisfaction. Here are 8 great ways to help out pets!

  1. Bring someone a smile. Volunteer with your pet. Your pet can get certified through a therapy program. Consider the joy it would bring an elderly person to visit with your dog or help a shy first grader out of his shell when he reads to a non-judgmental dog.
  2. Become a foster pet parent. Provide a loving, caring home to pregnant and nursing cats, underweight puppies and kittens and recovering dogs and cats or pets who need an in-between home before their forever home.
  3. Volunteer at a shelter or non-profit organization. This will give those pets a better quality of life.
  4. Support Spay and Neuter programs. Staff events, fundraisers, and provide attention to pets recovering from anesthesia.
  5. Run with your dog. Look into dog-friendly races. Proceeds from these events usually go to local pet charities and animal welfare organizations.
  6. Help out on adoption day. Check into your local shelter on how you can be of assistance on staffing pet adoption events.
  7. Volunteer at a wildlife rescue.
  8. Donate to animal charity. Many organizations need supplies and funds to fill a need, whether it be blankets, towels, food, kitty litter, or cleaning supplies. Check to see what your local shelter needs

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