Adopt A Dog

Adopt A Dog

by Gabriella Ciaccio

We all have lots of plans coming up that we’ve made for the year. And maybe for you, getting a dog is in the plans!

If you and your family have decided to get a dog, then this will be an exciting year for you. But, where you get the dog is just as important as actually getting the dog. Lots of people get dogs directly from a breeder, and that’s fine, but adopting a shelter dog or puppy is also something that you should think about.

There are so many shelter dogs that need homes, and they are just waiting for someone to come along and take them home. If you adopt a dog from a shelter, you are not only getting a best friend to bring you, you are saving a dog from living a sad life of waiting.

You might be hesitant to go looking in a shelter for your new dog for several reasons. Lots of people think that shelter dogs might have a variety of diseases, or that every single dog in a shelter is going to be older. Both of those worries are common, but are not necessarily valid. Sure, some shelter dogs might not be the healthiest. Some of them might have health problems–but not all of them. Shelter dogs must get the basic shots and must be taken care of while in the shelter. Otherwise, illnesses would spread and all the dogs at a shelter would be infected. You will be able to go to your local shelter and find many healthy dogs waiting to be adopted!

Shelter dogs are also a variety of ages. Not every single dog in a shelter is going to be old. You will definitely find a lot of puppies, as well as older dogs. The majority of people don’t go to shelters because of the age factor, before doing their research. If you want a puppy, you will be able to go get one at your local shelter.

Don’t forget to consider adopting, if this year brings plans for a new dog in your life.





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