What to Eat?

What To Eat?

As we get closer to the holiday season, there are many “people foods” options that we give to our dogs. But do you really know what is safe for your little companion to eat? Here is a glimpse of what to give and what to keep for yourself when your furry friend asks for a taste.


The first big NO on our list is chocolate. Dogs should not consume chocolate solely based on methylxanthine, which is a toxic substance. There are many negative effects to a dog ingesting chocolate due to methylxanthine, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and serious effects like seizures and death. During this upcoming Halloween, be sure to store the kids’ trick or treat baskets in a place where your dog can’t attempt to be curious, risking ingestion.

While cooking the yams, be sure to keep the cinnamon out of reach of your furry friend. Cinnamon can affect your dog’s mouth due to the oils in the spice and can lower their blood sugar if ingested. Also, just inhalation of cinnamon can cause your dog to choke and/or have trouble breathing.

We all love to top our apple pie with some ice cream. But be sure to leave the ice cream out if your dog is receiving his own little dessert. Dogs are slightly lactose intolerant. Therefore, dairy products are not the best option for your pup. If you insist on giving your pup a frozen treat, it’s best to freeze some fruit, or even a little taste of frozen yogurt (which has less sugar than normal ice cream, deeming it safer for dogs).


There are so many foods that are safe to share with your furry friend as a special treat. For the Italians during Christmastime, you can definitely share some of your seven fish spread with your drooling pup. Fish is very safe and healthy for dogs to ingest. It’s very beneficial for their coat and promotes eye and heart health. Although, always be sure to limit your dog’s intake to a few bites every so often.

Although you want to keep your dog away from the nut jar on the coffee table, you are more than welcome to share some peanuts with your little friend. Peanuts are definitely safe for dogs to consume. Peanuts have good fats and proteins to benefit their overall health. Just be sure they eat them slowly to avoid choking.

Feel free to share your main course of honey ham with  your companion. The ham is high in proteins and very soft and easy to eat. Honey has a number of vitamins that are beneficial for your dog in several ways, such as helping with allergies and improving immunity.

Hopefully, this small list of foods gives an insight on what to share with your companion, not just during the holidays, but also throughout the year. We all love to spoil our loved ones, but we must do our research first to be sure what we do is  safe and healthy.


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