A Day In The Life…

A Day in the Life of a No Worries Pet Sitting Dog

This morning my mom and dad left the house before the sun came up, the same as every other day.  Before they leave, I greet them with a kiss while they are still asleep, letting them know that I am awake and ready to start our day. As they slowly get out of bed, I drag them out the door for a potty break, and then before seconds pass, ask for my breakfast. Before I know it, as I finish breakfast, they are saying goodbye and leave, not coming back until the sun goes down. Well, before I had my No Worries Pet Sitting friend, I would normally be a very sad pup, but now, I know to get my rest after mom and dad leave because I have a very exciting day ahead of me.

I fall asleep on my favorite cushion on the couch and before I know it I hear a car pull up to the front of my house. Quickly, I look outside and there she is, my friend! She is here to see me! I waste no time running to the door to greet her.  I am always so excited to see her, she always gets right to her knees giving me so many hugs and back scratches! After we say hi, she doesn’t hesitate to give me one of my favorite treats. Then she gets my harness and leash on. I love our walks. We even jog a bit to get all of our energy out. I also take care of some business so I have no accidents for mom and dad to come home to. Once we get home when we’re nice and tired, we sit in the middle of the family room while my friend gives me some belly rubs. We even play with some of my favorite toys if I still have some energy! At the end of our visit, I always get another one of my treats, and she tops off my water bowl to last the rest of the day. We give our goodbyes and I watch her leave. I would be sad, but I know that she will be back tomorrow!

After my No Worries Pet Sitting friend leaves, I fall fast asleep until my parents come home. When they come home they read me the note my friend left, describing our day. They are always so happy to know I had a good day and had fun even though they were gone. It’s a good day to be a dog!

Copyright © 2016 Crystal Brown/ No Worries Pet Sitting. All Rights Reserved.


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