What Pet Fits Me Best?

What Pet Fits Me Best?

When the time comes and you know your family is ready for a pet, there is a big decision to be made. When looking for a house pet, there’s usually the decision between cat and dog and then, from there, the decision on breed. In the end, you must make a decision based on your family’s personality, lifestyle, and what YOU are looking for in a companion.

There are so many breeds of dogs and cats. There is definitely a perfect match for you. Analyze your way of life and see where a furry friend can fit into your life. If you are a very active person, it’s important to decide if you want your pet to be involved in the activity, or if he or she will be spending a lot of time alone at home. Also, in the case that your friend will be home alone frequently, it may be a good idea to have more than one dog or cat so they have company when you’re away.

When the choice comes between a cat and dog, it’s a known fact that a dog will need more time and attention. Dogs are generally more interactive, they need to be taken on walks. Periodically groomed, trained, and they need space to run (although some dogs can do well in smaller living spaces). Cats are more independent and tend to enjoy relaxing, with the occasional playtime hour.


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