Why Pet Sitting?

Why Pet Sitting?

When making a “babysitting” arrangement for your pet, it often crosses your mind whether to bring your dog to a kennel or dog daycare. For many pet parents, this decision can delay vacation plans, or sometimes even cancel them. Nobody wants to leave their pets behind, not knowing the care they will be in.  At No Worries, we try to relieve the stress of wondering what the best situation for your dog or cat (or even small animal) will be.

In the comfort of your own home, your pet will be happy and comfortable cuddled in their own bed, in an environment that they love. Depending on how often you want your little one checked in on, you can have one visit a day, up to having a pet sitter practically living in your home while you are gone. There is no stress involved in transitioning your companion into a strange place, with people they’ve never met before. Thankfully, with our free consultation program, your pet will know their pet sitter before they arrive during your time away.

It’s also a peace of mind knowing that not only your furry friend is being watched, but your plants are being watered, mail is being taken in, and your house is being monitored. These are all extra, free of charge, perks in having your pet being watched in your own home. Also, with the convenience of a text, call, or email, you can check on your pet 24/7 with our pet sitters. In other arrangements, chances are, you can only call during office hours, and you feel the need to limit your worries to not be an annoyance. At No Worries, we are sure to contact you before you even think to contact us! We want you to enjoy your time away, as much as we are enjoying our time with your amazing pet!

Upon your arrival home, you will see a very tired, relaxed, happy pet. He/she may even be looking for their pet sitter for the next few days! We try and make the pet sitting experience a time that will make your dog forget you even left! You will come home, and they will be so happy to see you, excited to tell you about their awesome in-home vacation with their No Worries Pet Sitter!


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