What To Expect…

What to expect from your pet sitter.

When showing interest in No Worries Pet Sitting, we do our best to match you with a pet sitter that will fit what you are looking for in a friend for your companion. We are sure to have a sitter that will be local to your home, as well as, a great personality match to your pet.

Once you call with interest in our service, you will be set up with a sitter for consultation. Upon arrival, your sitter will provide either verbally or in writing a quick background, along with experience with animals throughout their life. Be sure to have your furry friend present upon arrival to meet your sitter. He/she should be able to see you welcoming their new friend with open arms into your home.  Your No Worries sitter will take the time during consultation to initiate a relationship with your dog or cat, he or she will get on their level, offer some treats, and evaluate the comfort level. While your new pet sitter is there, you can ask all questions you have and also explain what you are looking for in the service.

After your consultation, and you decide that you are comfortable with your new pet sitter, you will then create a schedule according to your needs. Our sitters are very flexible with scheduling, and accommodate to your needs the best way possible. Our sitters are sure to stay in touch via phone or email. During our visits, we stay in touch upon request, some leave notes, others send photos or a text via cell. We know that you want to be sure your furry friends are happy, reassurance through communication is definitely important on both sides of the business for us.

As a pet sitting service, we at No Worries always put the pets first. Whether it’s for a cuddle, treat, playtime, or tuck- in for bed, we are there to make sure your pets feel happy at home, even though you’re not there. We cater to requests that pet parents make, in order to make sure your pets comfortable. Our number one priority is to make parents comfortable leaving their pets in our care, making for a happy pet whether they’re home or not.


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