What Do You Get When You Cross A…

What Do You Get When You Cross A…

Many, many years ago before No Worries Pet Sitting was founded, I had a dog named Gunnar. Gunnar was bought at a flea market for $25. The best $25 ever spent! He was a great guard dog, fun to run with, and owned the hearts of everyone I lived with at the time. He was a real gem! He had some interesting physical attributes. He was a gentle giant.He reminded us of an Akita with his curled up tail and protective sense, however had fur that looked like that of a Great Pyrenese. His face looked like a retriever of some sort with the way his ears hung down. On Gunnar’s forehead the shape of the beige and white coloring made a funny V8 shape. We wondered at times why he was so stubborn. One of the best things about Gunnar was his cuddling and loving abilities… he was the best to take a nap with! Everywhere Gunnar went, people asked what breed he was.  Gunnar’s breed was very questionable!

At the time, we would of loved to do testing to find out what he really was! Nowadays, it is possible to find out what breeds your dog really is with DNA testing.

DNA testing helps you gain insight into a pet’s ancestry, and allows owners to understand a pet’s health needs, behavorial tendencies and other pertinent information.

Dog DNA testing can be a worthwhile, fun, and rewarding experience. Below are some links that offer DNA testing for pets.





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