From The View Of A Pet Sitter

From The View Of A Pet Sitter

Hi, my name is Crystal and I’ve been “working” for No Worries Pet Sitting for over three years now. I say working in quotations; only because I do not consider my job, work. I enjoy every job, every day, which I get to see my awesome dogs and cats. My jobs vary from weekend vacationers, to daily jobs five days a week.  It is truly a great experience to be able to be able to check in on loving pets as a career.

Everyday, I set my schedule to be out and about doing my jobs one after another. I always get a different reaction from each animal whether it’s a smile, excited bark, loving growl, an ask for a pet, or literally a big hug. It definitely makes my day brighter to be able to experience the excitement of seeing each other for a visit.

I am always sure to greet my pet sitting animals with the same greeting, so they know it’s me. I am one to always keep routine, this gives the animals something to look forward to everyday. They know we will play, have snuggle time, they will get a treat, and lots of love. When my clients leave for the day, they always let their dogs know “Aunt Crystal is coming” so that they also get into the routine of knowing I will be there. It is a great feeling to know the animals look forward to my visit each and every day.

When I have vacationing clients, I make sure to get to know their pet before my visit during my consultation. When the animal feels comfortable, I leave after giving them a treat, bringing a couple home with me. I want to have the familiar treat in hand during my first couple visits, this way I have an attractive peace offering. Some dogs and cats are weary when a new person enters their home, especially when mom and dad aren’t present; doing this helps me avoid an uneasy friend. Once we are settled and comfortable, my visits are conducted as my dailies are, with routine and fun!

It is truly a rewarding experience being able to work for No Worries Pet Sitting. We, as pet sitters, are able to spread our love for animals, by treating yours as ours. I like to say I have many, many dogs and cats because in my eyes, they are like my own. I get to see them everyday to love, play, and enjoy. I am also there as a set of eyes to be sure they are healthy, happy, and content. Many of my clients would say, and I would agree, having a trusting pet sitter is having an additional member to the family.

Copyright © 2016 Crystal Brown/ No Worries Pet Sitting. All Rights Reserved.


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