Waggin’ Good Reads

Love to read? Love your dog? These books will help you better connect with and understand your dog! If you are looking for something to do in the cold winter months inside, read one of these books with your canine best friend at your side.  These books also make great holiday gifts for the pet lover in your life.

Inside Of A Dog -What Dogs See, Smell and Know by Alexandra Horowitz

How dogs perceive their daily worlds, each other, and that other quirky animal, the human. Although not a formal insidetraining guide, Inside of a Dog has practical application for dog lovers interested in understanding why their dogs do what they do. Alexandra Horowitz examines the animal we think we know best but may actually understand the least. This book is as close as you can get to knowing about dogs without being a dog yourself.

What The Dog Knows – Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World by Cat Warren


A firsthand exploration of the extraordinary abilities and surprising, sometimes life-saving talents of “working dogs”—pups who can sniff out drugs, find explosives, even locate the dead—as told through the experiences of a journalist and her intrepid canine companion.

How to Listen to Your Dog: The Complete Guide to Communicating With Man’s Best Friend by Carlotta Cooper

Learn about the basics of canine body language and ways to apply it to training.


The Pet Poo Pocket Guide: How to Safely Compost and Recycle Pet Waste by Rose Seemann

Step-by-step instructions for how we can compost pet debris.


You Can Heal Your Pet: The Practical Guide to Holistic Health and Veterinary Care by Elizabeth Whiter

A no-nonsense guide that inspires a new type of holistic pet care and empowers the modern pet owner. This unique and authoritative guide provides:

  • a comprehensive A–Z directory of common health conditions with treatment options
  • top tips to harvest and make simple, tried-and-tested herbal remedies
  • dietary advice for optimum health, and easy-to-make food recipes
  • information on how to vet your vet!

Good Dog: True Stories of Love, Loss and Loyalty by David DiBenedetto

A rich gooddogcollection of true stories celebrating the unique relationship between humans and their canine companions, penned by some of today’s top writers, including Jon Meacham, Roy Blount, Jr, Dominique Browning, and P.J. O’Rourke.

Artists and Their Cats by Alison Nastasi.            artists

Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo . . . so many great artists have shared one very special love: the companionship of cats. Gathered here for the first time are behind-thescenes stories of more than 50 famous artists and their feline friends. From Salvador Dali’s pet ocelot Babou to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s menagerie of cats, including Salt (who was black) and Pepper (who was white), Artists and Their Cats captures these endearing friendships in charming photographs and engaging text, and reveals what creative souls and the animals best known for their independent spirits have in common. In this clever compilation, art aficionados will discover a softer side of their favorite artists, and cat lovers will enjoy a whole new way to celebrate their favorite furry friends.

Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life with Dogs by  Rebecca Ascher-Walsh.  

A collection of inspiring dog stories and touching photos–dogs who comfortdevoted veterans, dogs who learn to surf, dogs who detect cancer, and dogs who save the day: Each one is devoted. These 38 uplifting dog stories showcase the most amazing dog rescues, accomplishments, and abilities that fascinate us and touch our hearts.


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