Lehigh Valley Dog Parks

Dogs need and love exercise, and sometimes, walks just aren’t enough! For some dogs, it takes playtime and a large area to run to be tired out at the end of the day. Going to the dog park can be a great solution for dogs with lots of energy. These off-leash dog parks are great in many ways for dogs, their guardians, as well as the community. Dog parks promote good canine health and socialization, encourage people to socially interact with others at the park, and also accommodate senior citizens and the disabled who cannot always walk their dog on a leash. One special thing I’ve personally found with dog parks is that you get the opportunity to meet wonderful people who have dogs, and who love their dogs just as much as you. The dog park truly creates a community where friends and neighbors can gather to relax or exercise with their canine best friends. If you don’t have time to walk your dog or take them to the park, another option could be hiring a pet sitter. No Worries Pet Sitting offers dog walking in the Lehigh Valley if you are unable to walk your dogs. Before entering a dog park, there are a few areas a dog owner should consider.

Are the dogs playing too rough?www.noworriespet.com

Are there any intact males?

Are there too many dogs crowded together?

Are the humans paying attention to their dogs?

Is there a toy or ball that may cause conflict among the dogs?

Is there a separate area for smaller dogs?

Is the park double gated? Are the fencing and gating secure?

Some of the dog parks in the Lehigh Valley include:

Karl Stirner Arts Trail Dog Park
500 Bushkill Street
Easton, PA 18042

The dog park has a fenced in area; when completed it will have separate penned areas for bigger dogs and smaller dogs. There is a small parking lot between Route 22 and the Bushkill Creek on 13th Street by the old silk mill lending access to the trail. There are also a few parking spaces at the blue bridge over the creek on Bushkill Drive.

Monocacy Park Off-Leash Recreation Area
259 Illick’s Mill Road
Bethlehem, PA

The City’s off-leash recreation area for dogs is a fenced, 1.5 acre plot with a separate area for smaller dogs. This is located by the swimming pool and the skating rink on Illicks Mill Rd – follow the parking lot all the way to the end, the dog park(s) are over the small hill.

Nazareth Dog Park
Black Rock Rd. near N. Broad St.
Nazareth, PA 18064

The Dog Park offers both a small dog and large dog area.

Polk Valley Dog Park
Polk Valley Road
Lower Saucon, PA 18055

Located adjacent to Polk Valley Park, the 1+ acre Dog Park features separate areas for small and large dogs and seating for dog owners. The Dog Park is open year round from dawn to dusk. Use designated parking areas in Polk Valley Park. Parking on grass or along park roads is prohibited.

Upper Macungie Township Dog Park
1625 North Route 100
Fogelsville, PA 18051

Just under an acre dog park – off leash area. Two fenced areas for dogs to be leash free.The area to the right is for large dogs (small dogs also welcomed) however the area to the left is for small dogs only. Pet water fountain, restrooms, ample parking.


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