Playtime With Your Dog – Nazareth Dog Park and Bethlehem Dog Park

Image Everyone loves playtime including your pet. Including playtime into your daily schedule creates bonding, releases energy, and provides mental stimulation for your dog. There are all kinds of ways to play. Some great games to play are fetch, tug, search and chase. Establish rules for each game and make sure you are consistent in following them. Be sure to reward positive behaviors, don’t rough house, and supervise children while playing with your dog. Playtime can be fun time for you and your dog. It’s a perfect way to engage your dog and reinforce positive behaviors.

If you don’t have a backyard, you can take your dog to the dog park. Some local dog parks include Nazareth Dog Park, located on Black Rock Road at the Nazareth Borough Park. They have a small and large dog park, park benches and lots of room for your dogs to roam. Bethlehem Dog Park off Illicks Mill Road in Bethlehem is also another option. This dog park has a separate small dog area, lights, benches, shade and drinking water (be sure to bring water for your dog in the winter.) Park between the Memorial Pool and Ice Skating rink.

If you lack time to incorporate daily playtime, No Worries Pet Sitting can take care of that. We can provide essential playtime visits for your furry loved ones. No Worries Pet Sitting offers daily dog walking services as well as pet sitting and overnight pet care. Visit us at or or call us at 908.319.3324.


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