Pre Travel Checklist from your Pet Sitters

One month before:

  • book reservation for flight/hotel/car rental
  • visit doctor for complete checkup
  • visit dentist for complete checkup
  • update your will
  • get required immunizations
  • ensure passport is still valid
  • get travel visas
  • make sure driver’s license, credit cards, bank card, etc. won’t expire while gone
  • arrange for pet sitting
  • arrange for yard care
  • arrange for bill payments while gone
  • arrange for vacation from work
  • prepare a list of items you need to pack

One week to one day before you leave:

  • clean house
  • get laundry done
  • clean perishables out of fridge
  • water plants
  • throw out garbage
  • reconfirm reservations
  • unplug appliances
  • adjust thermostat
  • lock doors and windows
  • set automatic lights
  • purchase phone cards
  • get cash, travelers checks, foreign currency
  • charge PDA, cell phone, lap top, etc.
  • balance bank accounts
  • prepare snacks for traveling
  • fill up gas tank
  • set up email auto responder
  • pack clothes and other necessary items


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