Pet Business Network of the Lehigh Valley

Pet Business Network of the Lehigh Valley

Calling all professionals in the pet industry, pet-related business owners, and pet rescue groups. This is the only networking group that is centered on pet related businesses and pet rescues in the Lehigh Valley, PA area. This group is specifically for pet business people to network, meet other pet professionals in the area, share announcements and pet industry information, receive and give help, as well as generate new ideas that help us build and grow our businesses. We will talk about upcoming pet related events and networking possibilities. We welcome small business owners, veterinarians, pet photographers, groomers, etc. to attend. By working together we can help achieve great things and help each other grow. To be a member please tell the group a little about your business or the businesses you represent, bring plenty of business cards to the meetings, and be prepared to give a 2 minute commercial on what you do. There are no dues or monthly fees to become a member. As with most networking groups, we welcome only one individual from each profession, excluding all pet rescue groups. We meet one time per month, if you cannot make more than 2 meetings in a row, there is no guarantee that your spot will be open when you return. For more information, call (908) 319-3324 or (484) 725-4650.


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